4th Algae World Europe

Munich, Germany · 22–23 May 2012


Are algae players geared for new levels of complexities? Algae business is an ongoing transition. Complexities of cultivation, scale up and processing increase while innovations in conversion technologies have yet to materialize. Rapid shake outs favour only those players with improved strategies and scalable technologies. On the research front, diverse challenges have been thrown up.
This has led to new strategies addressing complex issues of sustainable and competitive large scale production of micro and macro algae. Still, algal strain development to improve quality and yield pose stiff challenges. What has been the response to these developments?
To produce novel products, genetic engineering of microalgae, as well as catalytic and membrane technologies are being leveraged by companies to be front leaders. How is the industry planning to ensure competitive scale-up? Are competences available?

The need to produce drop-in fuels from microalgae and blue green algae is a high priority and those players with scalable technologies hold the key. Despite the investments and well placed business models, why are some algae companies attracting capital and scaling up their enterprises while others continue to perish? What are the key factors to success in commercializing algae?
A diversified portfolio of fuels, chemicals and biopolymers are as key as other areas such as pigments, omega 3s, health products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, which has spurred research in new cultivation, harvesting, extraction and purification technologies. With so many commercial possibilities available with algae, how are industry players planning to balance their market strategy?


These and other complex issues will be addressed at CMT's 4th Algae World Europe

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