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Present and Potential Uses of Algae - A SUBMARINER Cooperation Event

Trelleborg, Sweden 28 - 29 September 2011


Algae: the sustainable biomass for the future
Climate change, increases in the price of fossil fuels and the search for renewable energy have made the potential uses of algae a hot topic within the field of sustainable development. Whether it is micro or macro, marine or limnic algae; whether it is for bioenergy production, water pollution remediation, CO2 capture, landfill management, or feed production, we have only just started to explore its potential. Our challenge is now to bring the research a step further and into practical use connecting basic research, commercial initiatives and ecological applications.

On the 28th and 29th of September 2011 the Municipality of Trelleborg and the Baltic Sea Region SUBMARINER project welcome you to an algae conference on the potential and future use of algae to be held in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Conference Scope

The event will include a variety of lectures, workshops, exhibits, study tours, and unique opportunities for exchange. Invited speakers will range from local governments with experience in algae use, companies with practical application examples and researchers within the field.

The event is targeted towards anyone with an interest in the latest research and practical use of algae and more specifically to national and local governments, private companies and scientists. An exhibition fair and cooperation event for businesses and entrepreneurs will be held.

Key note speakers include:

  • Prof. René Wijffels, Bioprocess Engineering Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • Mr. Thomas Wencker, head of the photobioreactor development team at IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH, Nuthetal, Germany
  • Dr. Michele Stanley, Senior Lecturer in Marine Molecular Biology, Scottish Marine Institute, Scotland
  • Prof. Jun Cheng, the Sustainable Energy Institute of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Topics for the conference:

  1. Algae potential for replacing fossil fuels
  2. System analysis of algae use
  3. Multiple uses of algae biomass
  4. Research challenges for large scale algae production
  5. Algae today: current use of algae by companies and local governments
  6. Algae technology: making the production and use economically feasible

Participant Materials

The detailed programme, abstracts for oral presentations and participants list are available for download here.


Please contact the presentation authors if you wish to use any of their materials.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Michele Stanley (Scottish Marine Institute, Scotland): The Biomara Project
  • Thomas Wencker (IGV GmbH, Germany): Photobioreactor design principles
  • Jun Cheng (Sustainable Energy Institute of Zheijiang University, China): Biofuel production from microalgae biomass
  • Rene H. Wijffels (Wageningen University, Netherlands): Biorefinery of microalgae

Oral presentations:

  • Fredrik Gröndahl (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden): Sustainable use of Baltic Sea natural resources based on ecological engineering
  • Kyla Orr (Scottish Association for Marine Science): Beach-cast seaweed for biofuel in Scotland - ecological considerations
  • Anders Fredenslund (Solrød Kommune, Denmark): Utilization of cast seaweed for biogas production - assessment of environmental consequences of the Solrød project
  • Joseph Santhi Pechsiri (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden): Cyanobacteria harvesting in the Baltic Sea: Preliminary assessment of potential benefits
  • Radka Ptanikova (University of Oldenburg, Germany): Quantificaiton of marine biomass potentially usable for energy production along Osfriesian coast
  • Emma Risen (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden): Natural resource potential of macroalgae harvesting in Trelleborg, Sweden
  • Jukka Seppälä (Finnish Environment Institute SYKE): Large-scale cultivation of phytoplankton algae in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Fredrika Gullfot (SimrisAlg AB, Sweden): The establishment of a new industry in Sweden
  • Francesco Gentili (Umeå Energy Sweden): Biomass production to remove nutrient from wastewater and CO2 from a power plant
  • Herman Carr (CWE Nordic): Biological cleaning of water
  • Claudio Ledda (University of Milano, Italy): Green microalgae Scenedesmus sp. growth in livestock manure treatment effluent: development of a potential biorefinery
  • Bronwyn Cahill (Informus, GmbH, Germany): Developing general guidelines for environmental assessment of new usage of Baltic Sea marine resources: the macroalgae example
  • Catherine Legrand (Linnaeus University, Sweden): Growing algae in Scandinavia: Utopia or Opportunity
  • Eva Albers (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden): Bioethanol production from carbohydrate-rich biomass of marine microalgae
  • Dagmar Enss (VTT Technical Research Center of Finland): Comparison of twenty cold and warm water adapted microalgae
  • Maria Stockenreiter & Florian Haupt (University of Munich): Enhancing the lipid production of micro-algal communities – the effect of species diversity
  • Martin Olofsson (Linnaeus University, Sweden): Seasonal variations of lipids and fatty acids of the microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata grown in outdoor large scale photobioreactors
  • Chris Hulatt (Finnish Environment Institute SYKE): Investigating the energy demands of microalgal photobioreactors for sustainable bioenergy
  • Matilda Gradin & Ellinor Tjernström (City of Trelleborg): Introduction to the WAB project

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