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The Finnish Environment Institute (also known as SYKE) is both a research institute and a centre for environmental expertise. SYKE's research focuses on changes in the environment and seeks ways to control these changes. SYKE assesses environmental problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective, by integrating socio-economic considerations into scientific research. SYKE also serves as the national centre for environmental data in Finland. The data stored in SYKE's information systems is widely used for environmental monitoring, environmental modeling, forecasting and impact analysis.

The Marine Research Center at SYKE aims at producing information and new solutions that help decision-makers promote the protection and sustainable use of the Baltic Sea. SYKE integrates a wide spectrum of marine research, catchment research, climate change research and socioeconomic research. Multidisciplinary research makes use of observations, experimental research, numerical models, prognoses and socio-economical studies.


The Marine Research Centre is examining the potential use of algal biomass for energy production. Various research projects have provided information on lipid production of Baltic planktonic algal species, biological foundations of algal lipid production, microalgal biomass harvesting techniques and techno-economic modeling of biofuel production from microalgal biomass. In SUBMARINER, SYKE will coordinate assessments of the existing and potential new uses of marine microalgal biomass. In addition, SYKE will provide a demonstration of microalgal cultivation relevant for Baltic Sea Region climatic conditions.

The Finnish Inventory Programme for the Underwater Marine Environment (VELMU) collects data on the diversity of underwater marine biotopes and species. The information gathered under VELMU-programme will be of central importance both for the planning of nature conservation and for the exploitation of natural resources. In SUBMARINER macro-algae pilot scale facilities will be placed in various locations along Finnish coast covering different degrees of exposure, nutrient concentration and salinity. For the development of a regional strategy, the cost efficiency of macro-algae cultivation for biomass production and nutrient removal in the northern Baltic Sea will be assessed.

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