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Photo Credits for selected images

Photo with photobioreactors by Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH
Roll-over photo for Blue-Biotechnology by Kristian Spilling
Roll-over photo for Cultivating Algae by Metsähallitus Nature Services 2009

Microalgae cultivation in Finland: green flask photo by Kristian Spilling
Integration of algae production into offshore wind parks in Lolland DK: graphic by Lolland Municipality & Baltic Sea Solutions

Algae top left photo by Metsähallitus Nature Services 2007; center right graphic by Green Center 2010, Lolland DK; bottom left photo by Kristian Spilling
Multiple uses of wind-farms graphic top left by B. H. Buck, AWI; graphic right sidebar by Green Center 2010, Lolland DK
Wave energy generator photo by Carnegie Corporation Limited

Newspapers: Halina Zaremba,

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