Maritime Institute in Gdańsk

The Maritime Institute in Gdańsk (MIG) is a research institute which aims to preserve the values of the Baltic Sea and support the sustainable development of the Polish maritime economy. We have sixty-years of experience in maritime economy and we conduct scientific research as well as implementation of projects, studies and assessments. We also offer consultations and services in the following fields:

  • Transport economy, maritime law and economics
  • Modernization and management of sea ports
  • Maritime hydrotechnics
  • Operational oceanography
  • Monitoring and threat prevention of the Southern Baltic
  • Water economy and maritime engineering
  • Shaping and conservation of nature
  • Marine ecology
  • Management of the coastal areas
  • Establishing databases and monitoring of continuous phenomena
  • New technologies and electronic economy

We have a broad range of experience in maritime projects, ranging from transnational cooperation projects (e.g. BaltSeaPlan, Brisk, EfficienSea, SMOCS, TransBaltic, CleanShip, Habitat Mapping, Motorways of the Sea and Logistics Fostering Export Competitiveness of Spain in Eastern European Markets) to projects under EU Framework Programmes (e.g. MOSES, SPICOSA, MyOcean).


As the Lead Partner, we are responsible for overall project administration on behalf of all partners and coordinate the activities related to dissemination of project information and its results. MIG is also the overall coordinator of the two joint SUBMARINER products: a compendium on new marine uses and a resulting BSR Roadmap. In addition, and in cooperation with the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, we are working on a roadmap for development of Polish coastal regions based on the potential implementation of the highest recommended innovative marine uses.


Joanna Przedrzymirska
The Maritime Institute in Gdańsk
Długi Targ 41/42
80830 Gdańsk
Phone: +48 58 301-1641
Mobile: +48 607 864 588
Fax: +48 58 301-3513
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