Centre for Marine Natural Products (KiWiZ) at GEOMAR

GEOMAR is one of the leading institutions of marine science worldwide. Its Centre for Marine Natural Products (KiWiZ) focuses on identification, production and promotion of new natural products from marine sources. With the support of partners from academia and industry this knowledge is transfered into commercial applications for cosmetics, food additives, pharmaceuticals and plant protection.

KiWiZ was decorated by the “Germany – Land of Ideas” nation-branding initiative, which reflects Germany's strength as a location. We are also involved in the establishment of a EU marine natural products substance library.

KiWiZ’s role in SUBMARINER

KiWiZ will act as overall coordinator for assessing the potential and future development needs to promote blue biotechnology throughout the BSR. Furthermore, we will cover this topic for the Schleswig-Holstein regional plan and act as responsible coordinator for building the information and networking portal on blue biotechnology. We have also hosted a major cooperation event on Blue Biotechnology in Kiel.


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