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The Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law, Environmental Law and Public Economic Law is located at the Faculty of Law at Rostock University. Prof. Czybulka started his work in 1993 and focused his research on topics of administrative law, environmental law and public business law. Within environmental law the institute is working on marine as well as terrestrial nature conservation law. In recent years, marine conservation has become a general interest in the work of Prof. Czybulka and graduate students.

Prof. Czybulka is also vice dean of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research and in parallel a member of the department of “Maritime Systems”, which combines interdisciplinary subjects concentrating on marine research issues. Prof. Czybulka is frequently asked to give his advice on legislative processes at the German federal and state level and also internationally. In 2002 he delivered a legal opinion to the German Advisory Council on the Environment concerning the Marine Environment Protection in the North and Baltic Seas.

Uni Rostock’s role in SUBMARINER

The University of Rostock will conduct an analysis of the regulatory framework for marine uses in the BSR. This will function as a basis for assessing the implemention of new marine uses within valid legal and political frameworks, illustrating opportunities as well as limitations, and giving recommendations for necessary legal and political changes. We will also act as advisor to the partners' regional case studies.


Prof. Dr. Detlef Czybulka
University of Rostock
Law Faculty
Chair of Constitutional and Administrative Law,
Environmental Law and Public Economic Law
18051 Rostock
Phone +49 381 498 8250
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