Trelleborg Municipality

The Trelleborg Municipality is responsible for carrying out civic duties in the City of Trelleborg in southern Sweden. We are committed to the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management and serve as a model case for how these principles can be applied at the local level. We have not only undertaken extensive studies of the coastal and marine environments, but have also established a cross-sectoral approach bringing together diverse administrative bodies with the aim of developing a coherent approach to the diverse special interests that interact in our coastal area.

As part of this work, the municipality has been part of, and is currently involved in, several international environmental projects with a focus on the Baltic Sea, one of which is SUBMARINER.

Trelleborg’s role in SUBMARINER

Trelleborg is the first regional case of algae cultivation being used within a biogas plant (supported by Ministry of Environment). Trelleborg also led the Wetland Algae Biogas project within the South-Baltic Programme. We therefore mainly offered the SUBMARINER partners our extensive experience through contributions to the production of the Compendium and Roadmap and also by hosting in Trelleborg a large-scale study tour and cooperation event on the topic of potential and future uses of algae.


Trelleborgs-kommunMatilda Gradin
Environment Department
Trelleborg Municipality
23183 Trelleborg
Phone +46 410-733244
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