ScanBalt is a not-for-profit member association for the BSR life science and health communities, named ScanBalt BioRegion. We promote ScanBalt BioRegion as a globally competitive Green Valley and Health region. ScanBalt is formally registered in Denmark and has liaison offices in Tartu, Gdansk and Copenhagen. We are a mediation, coordination and communication umbrella and platform for the numerous national and regional triple-helix networks of R&D institutes, public authorities and enterprises that together with individual organisations are the members. We act as secretariat and task force participant for the EUSBSR flagship ScanBalt Health Region.

Started in 2001, ScanBalt has turned into a model for macro-regional collaboration advancing regional economic development by promoting smart growth and smart specialization. ScanBalt is a tool to reach EU2020.

ScanBalt’s role in SUBMARINER

Based on this experience, ScanBalt acted as the networking coordinator, bringing its invaluable knowledge on how to create a permanent self-standing network from such a project, helping develop a web-based information platform and turning outputs into political and economic outcomes by organising a series of regional discussion forums.


Peter Frank
Allegade 14
2000 Frederiksberg
Phone +45 27141078
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