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LOKE-Lolland Energy Holding is a Danish holding company, managed by the local authority of Lolland Municipality. Lolland Municipality is located in the southern part of Denmark, with many activities in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development. LOKE´s purpose is to propose financial solutions for the development of renewable energy projects and intelligent energy solutions on the island of Lolland. The island is indeed a showcase example of a remote local community being able to stand up to the challenges of facing environmental and social consequences of climate change while creating economic opportunities.

The development strategy lies within the unique concept of Lolland Community Testing Facilities, which creates a forum between the private sector, research institutions and local political authorities by exploiting synergies among green investments and providing an international testing and demonstration platform for renewable energy technology and products. The renewable energy facilities currently under full-scale in real-communities testing encompass wind power onshore/offshore, hydrogen/fuel cells, water and waste water energy, and biomass and bio-fuels, including algae to biofuels research activities. We are an active promoter of algae technologies as the gateway to further sustainable development at the regional level, by co-financing innovative projects and demonstration activities in the algae field, which not only would advance research and contribute to relieving the human impact on local resources, but also promote further socio-economic development in the areas where these activities are running.

In 2009 LOKE co-financed the development and coordination of an international algae workshop seeking to assess the feasibility of offshore algae production. A world-class group of scientists, economists and policy-makers were assembled at the workshop, to explore and evaluate if offshore algae production is feasible, environmentally acceptable and cost effective. As an outcome of the workshop, a regional algae platform has been established, with local expertise and based on Lolland, and which has the support of the municipality.


Lolland, supported by The Green Center, contributed all Danish information and analyses to the development of the Compendium and coordinated the topic of multiple uses of offshore wind farms. We also enhanced the Lolland regional feasibility study of algae cultivation combined with offshore windfarms and contributed the knowledge from our own regional case to the other project partners.


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