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Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) is one of the main interdisciplinary research centres of Estonia.  The Department of Environmental Engineering (IEE) performs monitoring and environmental assessments, research on water quality of inland and coastal waters and its impact to environmental resources and self-purification processes. We are responsible for the national surface water quality programme, and the Estonian HELCOM programme, and have been a partner of several international projects in Estonia including “reed strategy EE & FI”, Coastman 1&2, “Water Scenarios SCENES” and “Matsalu Bay Environment”. In recent years IEE has had a major role in Estonia in research supporting the Water Framework Directive.


TUT covered the Estonian part of assessments carried out for the Compendium and Roadmap, coordinated activities on the use of reed and curative mud for the whole BSR and developed recommendations. We also produced a regional development strategy for collecting and using reed and curative mud in Haapsalu Bay.


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