Entrepreneurship Development Centre for Biotechnology and Medicine

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre for Biotechnology and Medicine (EDCBM) is a non-profit foundation created as a subsidiary of Tartu Biotechnology Park Ltd. Our mission is to enhance the development of the life science and medicine sectors throughout Estonia and the Baltic Sea Region. In close cooperation with Estonian and foreign biotechnology and medicine companies, scientific institutions and innovation support organizations, EDCBM supports the creation of research-industry partnerships by organizing workshops, trainings, cooperation events and network platforms.

In collaboration with Tartu Biotechnology Park and other partners, the EDCBM’s main fields of activity are business development and consultancy services, including:

  • Assistance in preparing and submitting projects for EU structural funds, as well as to Estonian financing institutions
  • Assistance in management of joint collaboration between enterprises and research and development institutions
  • Preparation of business plans and market and risk analyses
  • Assistance in organizing seminars and trainings


EDCBM has an extensive partner network and contact database, as well as the analytical know-how to very efficiently collect and analyze information on the topic of sustainable marine uses and technologies in Estonia and offer effective dissemination activities to interested parties. Throughout the project, we also provide recommendations for national and/or regional authorities and supported programmes to encourage future development of the most sustainable marine uses and technologies.

Together with Tallinn University of Technology, EDCBM provided information from Estonia for the various BSR wide analyses and BSR networks. We also analysed the regulatory framework and socio-economic conditions for new uses in Estonia and provided recommendations to encourage their further development. Together with other project partners we organized workshops and promoted cooperation events in Estonia and the BSR.


logo_edcbmMargit Ilves
Entrepreneurship Development Centre for Biotechnology and Medicine
Tiigi 61 b
50410 Tartu
Phone +372 7 383053
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