Environmental Development Association

Environmental Development Association (EDA) is a Latvian non-governmental organisation which seeks to ensure environmental protection and development of policy by enabling financing for environmentally friendly technologies. For this purpose we are mainly engaged in environmental assessments, communication and information activities, and project development. We have for instance been engaged in a Norwegian grant project developing an interactive website to promote household transitions to alternative energy technologies.

The aim of the EDA is to become a „bridge” that will ensure the information transfer concerning environmental issues between the EU and Eastern partner countries, as well as to help local entrepreneurs create environmentally friendly businesses, with support from the EU.


Within the project, EDA worked in close cooperation with the Latvian Ministry of Environment and Regional Development to contribute to the development of the Compendium and Roadmap to sustainable new uses. We also developed a regional plan for southern Kurzeme concerning the potential to use the furcellaria algae in agrarian production. Additionally, we acted as the coordinator for development of a web-based interactive map for SUBMARINER.


Kārlis Maulics
Environmental Development Association
Marupes street 4-23
LV-1002 Riga
Phone +371 29669732
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