Roadmap for innovative uses of marine resources

Polish coastal areas

cover_Polish_Roadmap_303148The regional roadmap for Polish coastal areas (download as PDF) aims to identify the potentials and directions of the knowledge based economy of innovative use of marine resources of Baltic Sea in Poland. These measures should be aimed at creating the foundations and framework for legal, financial and organizational conditions for a creation, commercialization and transformation of marine innovations into marketable products in Poland.


Prominent SUBMARINER uses in Poland:

  • Blue Biotechnology
  • Combinations with Offshore Wind Parks
  • Large-Scale Microalgae Cultivation
  • Sustainable Fish Mariculture in closed system

Identified barriers:

  • Lack of proper financing (no continuity, no possibilities to invest in R&D)
  • Lack of dedicated regional and local policies and strategies enabling efficient contacts between researchers and investors
  • Lack of efficient collaboration of researchers and companies towards lobbing innovative undertakings


  • Cross-sectoral approach towards Polish maritime policy development and implementation
  • Long term financial policy encouraging and supporting innovative marine uses
  • Development of a Polish Strategy for Blue Biotechnology
  • Profiling and strengthening intermediary bodies like regional clusters and science – technology parks

Download the Regional Roadmap for Polish coastal areas:

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The Maritime Institute in Gdańsk
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