Developing a new uses networkWhereas the initial SUBMARINER project (2010–2013) was run with a limited number of project partners under one singular financial framework, the SUBMARINER Network shall bring together an unlimited range of public and private actors and stakeholders from around the BSR countries, in order to further promote and realise activities necessary for using marine resources innovatively and sustainably.

The SUBMARINER Network operates on the basis of SUBMARINER Network Assembly Rules of Procedures and it is to be assisted by a Secretariat.
The Network shall serve as an umbrella organisation and as a catalyst for a number of initiatives identified as necessary in the SUBMARINER Roadmap.

SUBMARINER Network new flagship under the EUSBSR

eusbsr_303148Within the revised Action Plan of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy (dated February 2013) the creation and work of the SUBMARINER Network has been approved as one of the flagship project initiatives within the Priority Area “Innovation”. The SUBMARINER Network flagship project is led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Land Schleswig-Holstein together with the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and the Maritime Institute in Gdańsk as co-leaders. The SUBMARINER Network flagship project shall contribute to all three objectives of the EUSBSR: to save the sea, to connect the region and to increase prosperity.

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