Masterplan Marine Biotechnology

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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Norgenta, the life science agency of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, developed a masterplan for marine biotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein within the framework of the SUBMARINER project. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany´s northernmost federal state, is known as the ‘land between the seas’. Its economy is closely linked to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Marine Biotechnology as a promising future technology is expected to become an integral part of it.

New solutions for eco-friendly aquaculture

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

istock_000013720521medium_303148As fisheries stagnate due to globally overexploited fish stocks, the demand for seafood continues to rise, resulting in a spectacular growth of the aquaculture sector, which is now the fastest growing food production sector with an average worldwide growth rate of about 9% a year since 1980. Due to its special characteristics as a brackish inland sea, the prerequisites for fish aquaculture in the German Baltic Sea Area are unfavorable in comparison to other marine regions.

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